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We are excited to partner with our friends at Toronto Brewing and GTA Brews on the first ever Cask Days Home Brew Competition. The winners of this competition will work with our partner breweries in August and September to re-brew their beer and have it served at Cask Days 2016 (October 21st-23rd). A special thanks to Eric Cousineau of GTA Brews, Zack Weinberg of Toronto Brewing, the volunteer BJCP judges and stewards that made judging happen who help decide the winners. Of the 79 entries the following 10 beers have been picked: 


Mark Samborski
Etobicoke (GTA Brews)
"Borski’s Best Bitter"
11B - Best Bitter

Nick Hodowsky
"Spreadsheets And Rye"
15C - Irish Extra Stout

Michael Naish
London Homebrewers Guild
"The Hunter"
20A - American Porter

Sean Owen
Toronto (GTA Brews)
"Bottle Rocket IPA"
21A - American IPA

Chris Saunders
Co-­Brewer: Virginie Corneau    
Hamilton HOZER (GTA Brews)
Wit Male Tears    
27A - Historical Beer (Gose)

Mark Verok
Toronto (GTA Brews)
"Brett Saison"
28A - Brett Beer

Quincy Jermyn
Toronto (GTA Brews)
"Pucked Up"
28B - Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer

Steven Pilotto
Milton (GTA Brews)
"Berry Berliner"
29A - Fruit Beer

Guillaume Couture-Levesque
Co-Brewer: Pamela McBride
Toronto (GTA Brews)
"Trust Fam"
29A - Fruit Beer

John Jenkinson
London Homebrewers Guild
"Chocolate Doom"
30A - Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer


Congratulations to all of the winners! Looking forward to trying your brews again this fall at Cask Days 2016!