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We will be announcing 2017 cask list soon! Check out last year's list below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All casks listed below are subject to change and availability. Many of the offerings are limited releases and only one cask firkin (40L) was made for the event. For this reason and the nature of serving cask-conditioned ale (24 hour venting process required to properly tap and pour a new beer), there are no back up casks. Luckily, Cask Days has more than 400 beers and ciders to sample!

Some casks will be tapped or held back for later sessions at the discretion of the festival. To avoid missing the casks you want to try, arrive early, buy tickets for earlier sessions or choose from other similar casks available. Cask numbers, excel spreadsheet and floor map will be released soon. Please help pass this information along to your friends and family who are planning to attend. Looking forward to seeing you this year! 

List updated on: October 6th, 2016