Thank you for being part of this years Cask Days! As a member of our team each role is very important to make this weekend a success. We have put together this simple guide to help you understand how the festival works. It is very important that all the information below is read prior to the event. This information will be reviewed with your supervisor prior to your shift when you arrive. If you have any questions before or during the event, please feel free to ask our staff manager Chris Evans volunteer@caskdays.com




In the early days of draught beer, before metal kegs, CO2 tanks or refrigerated coolers, there was cask-conditioned ale.  Also known as cask ale or, sometimes, real ale. Unlike most beer, which is delivered from the brewery in a finished state, cask-conditioned ale does not complete its fermenting until days or even moments before it is delivered to the drinker, with a small amount of fermentation continuing in the cask from which the beer will be poured. Before tapping, a vent is opened in the top of the cask and the extra gas is allowed to escape, which is why cask ale is less carbonated than other beer.  As a final step ‘finings’ are added to encourage the yeast to sink to the bottom, where it will remain undisturbed while the beer is poured. Your finished pint may be a bit cloudy, but  should be mildly carbonated, slightly chilled and fresh and vibrant in taste. For more information visit the What is Cask-Ale? page.



Cask Days is a family run cask-conditioned beer festival that started on the patio of Bar Volo in 2005. The festival has evolved into one of the most exciting craft beer festivals in the country and one of the largest cask-conditioned beer festivals in North America.  It encourages brewers to experiment and explore diverse beer styles, and offers the opportunity to showcase their finest brews.  In many cases – one offs that are especially made for the event in cask-conditioned form. Our goal is to host a unique beer festival experience that celebrates local craft beer, food, art and music. Cask Days has recently opened an online Cask Shop that sells equipment and accessories for dispensing, serving and making cask-conditioned ale.

Check out this years press release for more information.



Cask Days is located at Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview Ave. Toronto, Ontario). For more information about Evergreen Brick Works please visit http://evergreen.ca



Cask Days will have a festival shuttle bus running from Friday-Sunday. All Cask Days volunteer and staff are able to use this bus throughout the entire weekend by presenting staff/volunteer wrist band at the time of entry. Alternatively you can take Evergreen Brick Works Shuttle Bus, Taxi / UBER or TTC shuttle bus. For detailed information about how to get to Evergreen Brick Works check out the Getting To Brickworks Page









All Cask Days tickets include tokens. Additional tokens will be available for purchase at the event at designated token purchasing booths (3 total) and each token costs $2.50 (includes HST 13%). Tokens can be used towards purchasing food and drinks across all sessions. Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard accepted. ATM will be available on site. Tokens are non-refundable.  If customers are left with tickets at the end of the session tokens can be donated to charity (Cask Days will match each token) or be used for other sessions. Anyone serving beer or food cannot accept cash, only tokens. Please familiarize yourself where the token booths are located.

Volunteers or beer pourers cannot accept cash. Cask days tokens only. Please collect token before serving. Place token in designated token bin. Guest cannot “try or taste a beer” before ordering. Samples are not aloud. Guest can only order one drink at a time. Multiple orders are not allowed.



Cask Days is a tasting event. Beers will be available by the 5oz or 10oz serving size. Higher alcohol offerings (7% +) will only be available by 5oz serving. 5oz pour = 1 token ($2.50) and 10oz pour = 2 tokens ($5.00). All beer sample prices include HST (13%). Imported beers are only available by the 5oz pour ($5.00). 

All beers and ciders can only be served in Cask Days 2015 glassware. There are three styles of masons and one style of pint glass. If someone breaks their glass, they must purchase a new one at the merchandise booth. Cask Days staff/volunteers are not permitted to pour beer in different vessels. Please avoid over pouring, each glass has two distinct lines, first line is 5oz and the second line is 10oz. Practice pouring beer/cider out of the spout at the beginning of your shift with supervisor. Hold and serve glass from the bottom (not the top where customers lips touch). 

CD16-Volunteer Glass-01.png


All persons in the cask days event space must be wearing a wrist band.
baller pass holders are permitted at all sessions of cask days.
If a patron is not wearing a wrist brand, please notify supervisor right away.
Patrons not wearing a wrist band cannot be served alcohol.Session wrist bands must reflect current session.  Staff / volunteers must get their wrist band at the time of sign in.



Cask days is a 19+ event. Id will be checked at the door. 
Cask days is a non-smoking event. Smoking is permitted outside.
First aid kits can be found at the front entrance booth and all token booths. 
Staff/Volunteers serving alcohol are not permitted to drink.
There can be no signs of drinking alcohol behind the booth at any time.
Please keep general serving area as tidy as possible. 
At the end of your shift you will be responsible for tidying your station
Please follow the direction of shift supervisor.


All volunteers/staff must have a valid piece of government photo ID.
Dress warm (it will be cold) and wear comfortable shoe’s. Hats and gloves!
There will be a secure space to store belongings. Avoid bringing items of value.
Cell phone (if possible) for method of communication to supervisor (texting).
Staff / volunteers will be required to wear staff shirt (over sweater)


Please Arrive On Time For Your Scheduled Shift For A Staff Briefing.
If You Will Be Late, Please Notify The Staff / Volunteer Manager By Phone.
Register At Front Entrance (North End Of Brickworks) With Manager .
You Will Receive: T-Shirt, Name Tag, Wrist Band, Food Token And Staff Package
Report To Designated Serving Station And Meet Your Section Supervisor
Staff Briefing Will Happen 45 Minutes Before Session Begins
Familiarize Yourself With Exits, Washrooms, Water Stations And Floor Plan.
Meet Your Co-Workers And Collect Contact Information From Supervisor
Note What Beers You Are Responsible For Serving


Check out the full list of cask ales at this years festival. We recommend checking out what beers are available in your section before the event. 



Cask is not pouring properly or is leaking.
1.    Notify Supervisor
2.    Flip Beer Sign, Do Not Serve
3.    Radio Cask Doctor
4.    Cask is not pouring properly or is leaking.

Cask Runs Out
1.    Tilt Cask Forward, Ensure It Has run out
2.    Notify Supervisor
3.    Flip Beer Sign
4.    Let co-workers know that cask is finished
5.    Cross Cask off beer list
6.    At the end of the session bring cask to empty cask area

Someone Appears Intoxicated
1.    Do not serve
2.    Notify co-workers and supervisor immediately
3.    Keep Eyes on person
4.    Supervisor will radio floor manager and security
5.    Security will escort individual outside the festival

Glass Breaks
1.    Notify Supervisor
2.    Stand above glass until support staff arrive with broom and bus bin
3.    Ask festival guests to stand away from glass area
4.    Do not pick up glass with your hands
5.    Do not let customers pick up glass with their hands
6.    Sweep up broken glass
7.    Bring broken glass to designated broken glass bin

Violence, First Aid, Emergency
1.    Notify Supervisor
2.    Supervisor will radio in floor manage, security and police if necessary
3.    Do not take matters in your own hands

Guest reaches over to pour their own beer
1.    Notify Supervisor
2.    Notify co-workers
3.    Keep eyes on person
4.    Supervisor will radio in floor manage, security and police if necessary
5.    Guest will be asked to leave the festival and escorted out via security 

Volunteer / Staff Pours Beer Without Taking Tokens
1.    Notify Supervisor
2.    Supervisor will radio floor manager
3.    Keep eyes on person
4.    Supervisor will radio in floor manage, security and police if necessary
5.    Guest will be asked to leave the festival and escorted out via security