Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Cask Days 2017
We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to help
us with a variety of different jobs during the festivities taking
place from October 20th - 22nd, 2017 at Evergreen Brick Works.


Volunteers Will Receive

  • Cask Days 2017 staff t-shirt
  • Food ticket & non-alcoholic beverage ticket
  • Free admission to Cask Days 2017 Sunday session
  • Secure storage of your personal belongings


  • Being part one of the largest cask beer events in Canada
  • Working in a fun and unique environment at Brickworks
  • Meet like minded craft beer enthusiasts
  • Meet contacts in the craft beer industry
  • Gain experience in the hospitality and service industry


Contact Volunteer Manager

If you are interested in volunteering and being part of our team or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our staff co-ordinator via e-mail: aldo@caskdays.com



Contact Information *
Contact Information
Let us know what your preferred working session is.
Are You Smart Serve Certified? *
Smart Serve is required to pour alcohol in Ontario.
All Staff / Volunteer's will be provided a Cask Dask T-Shirt
Additional Skills
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How do I sign up?

Head to http://festival.caskdays.com/volunteer to fill out your sign up form and pick your session.

How long should I prepare to work?

Sessions run roughly 4 hours but there will be set up and take down duties for all staff. Be prepared to work at least a 6-8 hour shift and know that this time is subject to change.

Is there a uniform?

We provide all staff with a Cask Days 2017 t-shirt but, although covered, the Evergreen Brickworks is an open-air facility meaning it can get chilly especially in the evening. Dress appropriately and please wear comfortable footwear, as you’ll be standing the majority of the day (can’t stress this enough). Pro tips from the founders: lip chap, throat lozenges, as you’ll be speaking all day, layering as temps can fluctuate.

How do I get there?

You can arrive by bike, public transportation, or car. The good people at the Brickworks have a very comprehensive route finder found here: https://www.evergreen.ca/get-involved/evergreen-brick-works/visitor-info/getting-here/shuttle-bus/

What do I do when I get there?

Upon arrival you’ll report to the staff registration desk where you’ll sign in, receive your volunteer package, and be directed to your section and section manager.

What duties should I expect to be responsible for?

For the most part volunteers will be helping with pouring the beer for the guests. However because an event of this magnitude requires many moving parts we hope that anyone on staff understands that they may be asked at any time to help out with duties beyond their particular section. If needed we’re all going to help do what we can to make this a memorable experience for all the guests as well as the staff.

Will there be breaks?

It is challenging to know when exactly there will be down time to take a break, as is the nature of the festival. However we will ensure that there will be time allotted in non-peak hours to cool down and grab food or a drink.

If I’m serving beer do I need Smart Serve?

Although recommended and an asset it is not a requirement by our Special Occasion Permit for the staff to be Smart Serve certified.

Do I get to try the beer?

Aside from our Cask Doctor no staff will be permitted to be consuming alcohol while working at the event. Since most of the beer is unique to the event even event organizers wont be able to try all the beer (even though we’d like to think we’re able to consume 400 beers in a day). Tasting notes and a general beer info package will be provided to all staff and section managers in order for you to be equipped with a good amount of knowledge to be able to make recommendations to guests.

What happens if I can no longer volunteer despite signing up?

Life happens, we get that. Please don’t ghost us. If you can’t make it, no worries, but please let us know rather than not just showing up so we can prepare. Please communicate to aldo@caskdays.com if you’re no longer able to make it to your session.

Who do I report to?

Leading up to the event for all intents and purposes our staff coordinator Aldo will be your main point of contact.  

I’ve got more questions, who do I ask?

Your main man Aldo! aldo@caskdays.com